Here’s 10 ways Cloud and Web Access Management saves real dollars

1. Focus on your core competency. Symplified empowers an organization to remain laser focused on IT initiative that relate to the core of their business competency. The efficiencies associated with outsourcing non-core IT functions are undeniable, freeing up budget and resources and allowing your IT staff to focus on the innovation of revenue producing systems. If you no longer want to be bogged down by being in the identity management business, then Symplified is here to help.
2. Reduce cost of your core IAM platform by 80%. Symplified delivers more capabilities than first generation identity products like SiteMinder, Oracle, Sun and ClearTrust – for approximately the cost of annual software maintenance alone. Plus Symplified allows you to address a complete WAM solution for both on-premise and hosted SaaS apps. Symplified has dramatically lowered upfront costs, predictable subscription pricing, faster deployment and integration. Why pay more than you have to for WAM?

3. Reduce operational costs. SSO cuts helpdesk and support costs, increases SaaS application adoption, makes your users happier and more productive through an improved user experience. With Symplified you can reduce the number of accounts and passwords that IT has to support. IDC reports SSO projects often deliver a 95% reduction in service desk calls – fewer user ID inquiries and fewer password resets.
4. Quantifiable financial benefits. The analyst at Forrester Research found implementing Web SSO provided demonstrable financial results. Forrester found that improved data management saves enterprises $350 per user per year. Also, reduced development of security features and user management save $12,000 per application and general support improvements of $70,000 per year.
5. Cut costs related to demonstrating compliance. Compliance is a fact of life in today’s enterprise. Optimizing the time and money needed to demonstrate compliance saves significant money and resources. Symplified provides centralized access and authentication, improving consistency, reducing risk and enhancing security. Auditors have a single point of audit to verify policies and activity relating to sensitive data on both sides of the firewall meaning shorter audit cycles and lower costs.
6. Reduce your carbon footprint. Symplified eliminates your IAM hardware footprint and data center costs. Our high performance Cloud Scale™ architecture means no need to manage, power and house excessive equipment. Such carbon reduction footprint efforts are good for the environment and good for your organizations bottom line.
7. Cost effectively implement portals. Whether customer, partner or employee facing, Web portals have been proven to streamline collaboration, supply chains and simplify Intranet access. Portals provide the IT team with a high visibility win that makes users happy and builds momentum for other IT efforts. With Symplified Access you can provide secure personalized access and SSO for multiple Web applications deploying quickly and extending existing commercial or open source portal CMS.
8. Reduce the cost of scaling your Web infrastructure. Managing user populations with diverse access levels can be complicated. Symplified solves this with simple policies that leverage your existing Active Directory, LDAP, SQL – securing custom Web apps as well as commercial apps like SAP and SharePoint. Centralizing Web identity infrastructure into a re-useable architecture easily secures multiple Web applications. No more reinventing the wheel with every new Web app.
9. Cut the costs and complexity of home grown WAM. Using a commercial IAM solution instead of building a homegrown system saves your enterprise hundreds of thousands of dollars of custom coding and integration, enabling your team to focus on innovation not maintenance and to go live quickly. Who will support and enhance a custom-built SSO or access control system? Does your homegrown system have a future roadmap or is it a ‘just enough’ effort that doesn’t scale and isn’t extensible?

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