Single Sign On & Enterprise Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO and ESSO) are software that allow one to login once and access their applications without retyping their passwords multiple times.  The more systems one has, the more likely that associates will re-use the same weak passwords again and again.  Additionally, if passwords have to be changed periodically, it will become a drain on user productivity.  At any given time most people have 10+ usernames and passwords in regular use.

The advantages of SSO are straightforward:
  • Lower risk of loss due to weak password compromise.
  • Lower risk of loss due to reuse of passwords.  Once I have figured out the one  you use. I own everything.
  • If using enterprise SSO, then policies allow you to control access to applications.  Removal of access is important during firings or layoffs.
  • The IT team does not find themselves spending all day resetting passwords.  This allows them to focus on projects that make money for the company.
  • Higher associate satisfaction.

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