SAP Businessobjects Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

Stakeholders are demanding effective governance, including enterprise risk management, transparency, accountability, and optimized performance. At the same time, globally integrated markets are imposing increasing volumes of regulations. Successful companies address these challenges by proactively managing performance across the enterprise – using risk-balanced strategy management and embedding risk-based controls in business-process areas ranging from financials to human resources, environmental to trade management.

These companies increase visibility across risk and compliance initiatives, and they do so efficiently to minimize the cost of governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). Achieving effective and efficient operations and reporting requires a clear, unified GRC strategy that guides people, standardizes processes, and integrates technology to embed GRC at every organizational level.

SAP BusinessObjects governance, risk, and compliance solutions (SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions) close the gap between strategy and execution and establish a clear path to long-term value by enabling a preventative, real-time approach to GRC across heterogeneous environments. The solutions provide complete insight into risk and compliance initiatives and enable greater efficiency and improved flexibility.

With SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions, you can proactively balance risk and opportunity across your business processes and respond faster to changing business conditions.

SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions address the following processes:

* Risk management – Balance business opportunities with strategic, operational, financial, legal, and compliance risks to maximize corporate performance and minimize the market penalties from high-impact events.
* Access control – Control access and prevent fraud across the enterprise with confidence, while minimizing the time and cost of compliance.
* Process control – Ensure compliance and enable business process control management by centrally monitoring key controls and data across-enterprise systems.
* Global trade services – Lower the cost and risk of international trade with a comprehensive platform to ensure trade compliance, expedited cross-border transactions, and optimum utilization of trade agreements.
* Environment, health, and safety management – Empower your organization to address regulatory compliance; integrate the management of operational risks related to environment, health, and safety; and address corporate sustainability initiatives.
* Sustainability performance management – Help your organization track and communicate sustainability performance, set goals and objectives, manage risks, and monitor activities.

SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions enable risk management and regulatory and policy compliance across processes supported by both SAP and non-SAP software.
GRC Support for Industry Requirements

SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions also support risk management and regulatory and policy compliance across industries, including:

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