How to Set Up Novell eDirectory Authentication for Microsoft SharePoint

NB:  There are two versions of Microsoft SharePoint:  Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) and Windows SharePoint Services (WSS).  MOSS provides built-in connectors that allow you to configure a third-party LDAP authentication provider (for example eDirectory or OpenLDAP).  

WSS does not have connectors to allow third-party LDAP authentication.  WSS only ships with support for Active Directory authentication.  To overcome this restriction, Omni has developed a set of connectors that allow WSS to use eDirectory/LDAP for authentication.  For more information on the Riva WSS eDirectory/LDAP authentication connector, please use our Contact Us page.  These connectors are provided free-of-charge for Riva SharePoint Integration customers. 
The following information applies to MOSS and WSS (after installing the Riva WSS eDirectory/LDAP connectors). 
Many Novell eDirectory and GroupWise customers looking to deploy our Riva SharePoint Integration for GroupWise are not interested in deploying Active Directory to manage SharePoint. No problem! SharePoint can be configured to use eDirectory for authentication and access control based on standard Microsoft documented practices that describe how to configure SharePoint to use a non-AD LDAP server. 

The following links were used as the basis for this article on how to set up eDirectory to provide authentication and access control for Microsoft SharePoint:

setting up edirectory authentication for sharepoint

Extend the shared services web application to another zone that will use eDirectory as its membership provider.
  1. On the SharePoint Central Administration site, go to: 
    Central Administration > Application Management > Create or extend Web Application
  2. Select *Extend an existing Web application*.
  3. Under Web Application select your Shared Services web application.
  4. Configure the Web Site as appropriate, and hit ok. Take note of the zone you are adding the website to.
  5. On the SharePoint Central Administration site, go to: 
    Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers
  6. Select the web application you wish to configure in the drop down.
  7. Select the Zone you want to configure. This will take you to the Edit Authentication page. 
  8. Select 'Forms' authentication, under Authentication Type.
  9. Find the appropriate web.config file, usually located at: 
  10. Under the element, add a membership element. 

  11. Add a roleManager element pointing to the LdapRoleProvider to have the eDirectory groups show up as roles (optional) 

  12. Find the web.config file for your central administration website, and copy the element you added above to the element here.
  13. Copy the element to this web.config, however, you must edit the defaultProvider attribute to be "AspNetWindowsTokenRoleProvider" 
  14. On the SharePoint Central Administration site, go to: 
    Central Administration > Application Management > Policy for Web Application 
  15. Click Add Users. 
  16. Under Zones select the zone for which you are configuring this memebership provider and hit next. 
  17. Enter the name of an eDirectory user or entity who you want to have full access to the site. When you select the "Check Names" icon, the name you entered should become underlined, to indicate that the user was found. 
  18. Select Full Control to give this user full control. 

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