SAML 2.0 SSO with CRM

SAML 2 support is available since Winter 09 Release. OpenSSO console team is in the process of building a cool task flow for this, which will significantly reduce the number of steps listed here. Look out for it in Build 12.

  • For each OpenSSO user that needs to access, choose a user profile attribute to map to a user. We will call this the "federationID". Note that this value should be unique for each user. As an example we will use the OpenSSO email profile attribute (mail). Also note that for obvious security reasons the identified profile attribute must be changeable by authorized administrators only, ie it should not be changeable by the user. Please refer to OpenSSO Delegated Admin feature to set up appropriate privileges. 
  • Decide the exact SAML attribute name the IDP will populate the "federationID" with.
  • Setup up OpenSSO IDP with xml signing turned on. Note the provider id of the IDP configuration. In my setup it is :
  • Export the OpenSSO (IDP) public key to a file
    For example, if your OpenSSO IDP uses the out-of-the-box test certificate, execute the following in a terminal on the box hosting the OpenSSO server:
    $ cd
    $ keytool -export -keystore keystore.jks -alias test -file cert.cer
    is the base bootstrap directory you specified during OpenSSO installation. end :
  • Login to as admin user.
  • Navigate to Setup->Security Controls->SingleSignOn Settings. Enable SAML and fill up the dialog presented.
    • Select version 2.0
    • Import the IDP certificate - in my setup I entered cert.cer file saved in Prerequisites steps above.
    • Enter fields that tell how the authenticated user is identified in the SAML assertion from the IDP. In my example I specified mail saml attribute. Note that this must match exactly the OpenSSO setup described in "OpenSSO end" steps below.

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