Identity Governance, Risk and Compliance Survival Kit Sailpoint

Security breaches, failed audits, non-compliance and fraud. Access and identity control exposures can make for a dangerous journey. Don't wait for trouble.

Download the Identity GRC Survival Kit containing all the tools and expert advice to help you effectively manage the risks associated with delivering user access across any treacherous enterprise terrain.

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Identity GRC Survival Kit contents:

* Identity Compliance Survival Guide – Provides recommendations on building a sustainable approach to compliance along with FIVE ways to more effectively manage compliance.
* Real-world Success Story – An InfoWorld feature article, "Risk Model Moves into Identity", InfoWorld that explores expert recommendations of adopting a risk-based model to drive identity management, and explains how customers' goals are actually being realized. Hines provides insights from one such organization doing just that – financial services giant, ABN AMRO.
* Automated Access Certification ROI Calculator – Answer just 8 questions and this ROI calculator will help you to quickly estimate how much money your organization can save by automating the access certification and attestation process.
* Analyst Podcast – In "What Organizations Can Learn about Their Risk Posture from Identity and Access Data" Scott Crawford, Research Director and Security & Risk Management Practice Manager at Enterprise Management Associates, reviews the recent banking fraud scandal at Société Générale.
* Role Management and Risk – A primer on how role management helps organizations manage risk in three key areas: accountability, policy alignment and transparency.

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